IN PERSON Lip Blush Course


Unlock the Secrets to Natural Lip Blush: 3-Day Mastery Course 

Transform your passion for beauty into an art form with our exclusive 3-day Lip Blush Mastery Course! Elevate your skills, boost your career, and become a sought-after expert in the world of semi-permanent lip enhancements.


  1. Comprehensive Techniques: Dive into the world of lip blush with hands-on training from industry professional; GLAM GOAT. Learn the latest techniques in lip shading, color blending, and contouring to create stunning, natural-looking results.

  2. Custom Color Theory: Master the art of color theory and discover how to customize lip shades to complement every skin tone. Elevate your artistry by understanding the nuances of pigment selection and achieving the perfect balance for your clients.

  3. Precision and Detailing: Hone your precision and detailing skills to create beautifully defined lips. From soft, subtle enhancements to bold and dramatic looks, you'll develop the expertise to cater to diverse client preferences.

  4. Client Consultation and Communication: Learn effective client consultation, understanding their desires, and communicating realistic expectations. Build trust and rapport to ensure a positive experience for both you and your clients.

  5. Product Knowledge: Gain insights into the best products and tools in the industry. Explore top-quality pigments, anesthetics, and equipment, and understand their proper usage for optimal results.

  6. Business Building Strategies: Acquire the knowledge to establish and grow your lip blush business. From marketing tips to client retention strategies, we provide insights to help you stand out in the competitive beauty industry.

  7. Certification: Upon completion, receive a prestigious certification, recognizing your expertise in lip blush techniques. Showcase your skills with confidence and attract a discerning clientele.


  • No experience required 
  • Beauty professionals looking to diversify their skill set


3-day training from 11:00AM-5:00PM

About Glam Goat

"Tia, you’re a GEM. Thank you so much for everything" 

"her expertise, time, and genuine personality to teach her passion to others to succeed is one that is SO rare to have wrapped into one person. Tia from the get go encouraged me and made me feel comfortable learning, and I was at ease with being able to try something new"  

"She is so knowledgeable and truly cares & wants the absolute best for her students"


I had the absolute pleasure of taking Tia’s lip blush course. This course exceeded any expectations that I had. Tia, without a doubt, is one of the most beautiful people I’ve met, inside and out. Her passion and knowledge for lip blush is beyond words. I’m proud to say I was trained by one of, if not THE, top lip blush artist in the beauty world. I left with so much knowledge and most importantly confidence in my skills. She continues to guide me, she’s there if I need anything and continues to support me in my lip blush journey. She is an incredible instructor/mentor and I can also say I’ve gained a new friend.


Glam Goat Student

I have had the pleasure of getting my Lipblush and taken a refresher Lipblush course with the talented Glamgoat. Very patient and wants you to win. She also listen to what your needs are. As a client she treated me like family. Very welcoming and is passionate and it shows in her great healed results.


Glam Goat Student

I took the one on one lip blush course with Tia and couldn’t be more prepared to launch this service soon! Tia is so professional, talented and knowledgeable in addition to being the kindest soul! She doesn’t just teach the bare basics, she gives you all the beauty insider tips that usually only comes with experience. I’m fortunate to have a mentor in a business that was so foreign to me and to have continued support even after the class was over, is rare. The ultimate Glam Goat ✨10/10


Glam Goat Student

The Eyebrow lamination course was absolutely amazing!!! Tia (Glam Goat) is so professional and knowledgeable and makes everyone feel so comfortable, understood and validated. This course gave me so much confidence in starting in the beauty industry. I’ll forever be thankful for Glam Goat and the continued support. If you’re thinking of taking a course don’t hesitate!


Glam Goat Student

Tia is an absolute gem!!! I recently got a brow lamination & lash lift done by Tia & I’ve never had better results or a better experience. She does an amazing job of making sure you’re comfortable through the duration of each service & she’s such a sweetheart; I truly enjoyed our conversation as much as I enjoyed my experience. I can’t wait to come back to get more services done by Tia & I’m really looking forward to her doing my lip blush! Thank you Tia!!


Glam Goat Client

Tia is an amazing artist. She is so great at her craft. I learned permanent lip makeup and brow laminations from her. Over the course of almost two years, she has always been available for me whenever I have questions or need business advice. She’s kind, smart and a great gal to be a boss babe with! Thanks Tia for being you!


Glam Goat Student